COVID information


UPDATE 11/27/21

Vaccination: Proof of vaccination will be required in order to attend camp. You can prove that you’ve been vaccinated in any of three ways: (1) By uploading a photo of your vaccination card at the time you register, (2) by emailing us a photo of your vaccination card anytime before camp starts, or (3) by showing your card when you check in at camp.

Masks and other precautions during camp: No one knows what the situation in the spring might be. We reserve the right to require masks and institute other protocols in order to host a safe event.

UPDATE 9/9/21

Masks will be required indoors at Jam Camp North

Our board of directors met on Sept. 9 and voted unanimously for an indoor mask mandate at the 2021 Jam Camp North.  

Covid is still with us, but you can help us have a safe and enjoyable musical weekend.

Vaccination is required of everyone in camp, all of Prindle Pond staff is also fully vaccinated. Do not come if you are not vaccinated.

Masking is the next and last line of defense. Following WHO, CDC guidelines and state/local regulations, everyone at camp will be masked at all times indoors, including on line for meals, except when eating or participating in a camp activity that requires it (e.g., performers at the concert). Masks should be worn outside whenever a group gathers without social distancing.

Singing jams will be held outdoors or in large, well ventilated spaces whenever possible.

Masking is the best tool we have available to protect you, to help you protect others, to protect the camp, and to play our part in defeating the virus.

UPDATE 6/1/21

We’re reopening!

After a year-plus hiatus, we’re reopening Music Camps North with a special one-time Jam Camp North on September 24-26, 2021 in our regular location. Our camps take place in Massachusetts, so we will be following all COVID guidlines from the state of Massachusetts and our host, Prindle Pond Conference Center. As of this writing the state has lifted all restrictions, but if things change we’ll adjust.

We’ll require that you be vaccinated before you come to Jam Camp North. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.

UPDATE 11/16/20

There will be no Spring Camps in 2021

2020 — the year that wasn’t. I hope this email finds you all safe and sound.

Our decision to cancel last spring’s camps was definitely the right one — we were on the front edge of the pandemic and there were few guidelines; but as the weeks went on it was more obvious we made the right call.

Now we face that decision again, this time armed with more information. I believe 2021 will bring us back to a new normal, but not in time for our spring camps. It will be 2022 before we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Banjo Camp North and host our next Mandolin Camp North.

While we (the Board of Directors) believe festivals and concerts will be able to safely return, we don’t think that a weekend camp full of sharing classrooms, jams, dining tables, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters will be. It’s just too soon. Sadly we have made the decision not to hold our normal spring camps- Banjo Camp North and Mandolin Camp North.

Please stay safe and keep practicing. Join in one of the many online camps and jams, take some Skype lessons, Zoom with your bandmates, buy music and instruments, and we will see you in the fall of 2021.

Bestest Regards
Kelly Stockwell
President, Music Camps North