Jam Camp North Class List

Jam Camp North Class List

Louise Bichan

Fiddle-Shetland tunes in cross A tuning: simple tunes that use cross tuning
Fiddle-the Scottish strathspey “Rothiemurchus Rant” and/or the old time cousin “Graf Spee” Fiddle-Scandinavian fiddle tunes

Bobbi and Dick Bowden

Bass: Lines and Solos every BG bassist should know: Grandfather’s Clock, Little Darlin, Head Over Heels, Groundspeed, Foggy Mt Special

Gretchen Bowder

3 Finger Banjo-Melodic Tunes in D
3 Finger Banjo-Swing and samba on the banjo

Allan Carr

All -How to play in a stringband with Jane Rothfield
listening skills, vocals, arranging, and how to make a song (or tune) come to life!!

Guitar-Alternative guitar chords and bass runs for Old Time and BG: interesting bass runs, chord substitutions and rhythms to your guitar playing

Bob Dick

Bass-Tone and Bass Line Essentials for the Bluegrass Bassist

Craig Edwards

All-Ergonomics Workshop/clinic. Posture, hand/arm positioning, economy of motion, minimizing effort and pressure. Bring your playing problems and frustrations

Clawhammer Banjo-Hobart Smith’s “Cuckoo Bird” Learn elements of his driving clawhammer style

Fiddle-Deceptive Bowing Practices in Old Time. Make a single bowstroke sound like two or more, rhythm patterns that sound complicated, and how to decipher bowings when learning from recordings.

Matt Flinner

Mandolin- Four approaches to rhythm playing on “Sittin’ on Top of the World” Mandolin- Three note chords around the fretboard
Mandolin- Double stop exercises and using double stops in tunes

Eli Gilbert

Guitar-Intro to Swing Rhythm Guitar Guitar-Mapping the Fingerboard

Skip Gorman

Guitar-Old time Southern Ballads Guitar-Old Time Cowboy Songs Fiddle-Cross- tuned Fiddle Tunes

Bennett Hammond

Fingerpicked Banjo- EZ RockaFolky right-hand fivestring two-finger picking for all styles

Fingerpicked Banjo- Wish I had a Wagon: fingerpickin a fretless

Guitar- Massive EZ melodic. back-up and power chords on guitar

Guitar- Mean ol’ quarantine. an ez three-chord love song dance tune that sounds like lotsa swingy chords and all the other guitar stuff

Lorraine Hammond

Clawhammer Banjo-Back-up, (but don’t push!) Old time banjo accompaniment for songs and ballads.

Singing-Rubber Lips! Vocal warm-ups and cool songs.

Gabe Hirshfeld

3 Finger Banjo-The Basics of Bluegrass Banjo Set-Up and Maintenance

3 Finger Banjo-Technical Tune-up: Proper right and left and technique and how to pull great tone.

3 Finger Banjo-Changing up Classic Licks to Make New Licks

Adam Hurt

Clawhammer Banjo -“Be the Banjo Player in the Old-Time Trio” With Beth Williams-Hartness Clawhammer Banjo-Scale-Based Exercises to Improve Hand Coordination
Clawhammer Banjo-Mastering the Mechanics of Tone
All-Understanding the Structure of Old-Time Tunes (dry erase board)

Pete Kelly

Bass- Bluegrass Bass 101 for new or review of fundamentals. Tuning the bass, left and right hands, playing simple songs, different keys, practice tips, and more.

Bass- Jamming skills for bluegrass bassists how to play in jams and add some variety to your playing. Chord positions for common keys, starting and finishing songs, get through unfamiliar songs, follow what’s going on in a jam, waltz time, hand and arm fatigue, arpeggios, and basic walking bass.

Larry Marschall

3 Finger Banjo-Jazz Jamming. “All of Me” to “Over the Rainbow” to “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

3 Finger Banjo-Melodic Tunes in D with Gretchen Bowder

Lincoln Meyers

Guitar-Flatpicking Essentials and Improve your Rhythm

Glenn Nelson

All- Music Theory and Chord Structure

Ben Pearce

Mandolin- Dissecting Doublestops: Understanding doublestops in terms of scales as well as partial chords, how to effectively use them in both lead and backup playing

Mandolin- What Key.. Who Cares? More I, IV, V: Chords as movable “blocks”, instead of specific fingerings, take advantage of a basic mandolin truth and use it play in many keys.

Jane Rothfield

Fiddle-D tunes from the playing of Uncle Norm Edmunds (Hillsville VA) such as New Jordan, Lucy Neil and Lady of the Lake

Fiddle-Amp up your bowing: techniques and strategies to really use your bow to add rhythm, speed, and tone to your playing!

Tim Rowell

Clawhammer Banjo-Leisurely Waltzes: Tombigbee Waltz, Grover Jones Waltz.

Clawhammer Banjo-Build your repertoire with these great tunes in the key of C. Farewell Trion, Monkey In The Dogcart and Hy Patillion.

Clawhammer Banjo-Introduction to the three finger picking style of Dock Boggs. Country Blues, Oh,Death and more.

Ethan Setiawan

Mandolin-Tone Production Mandolin-More With Less

Maggie Shar

Clawhammer Banjo-Using chords and scales to break free from tunes Clawhammer Banjo-Rhythm Sentences for clawhammer

Rich Stillman

All-bluegrass karaoke with sound system

3 Finger Banjo- Demystifying the left hand, music theory, chord chape analysis, and melody construction

3 Finger Banjo-Developing a second break (stylized versions of standard melodies)

Bruce Stockwell

3 Finger Banjo-Foggy Mt Banjo, the album 3 Finger Banjo-Soloing up the neck

David Surrette

Mandolin-Irish-style ornamentation mando/Bouzouki/citern: picked triplets, droning and double-stopping

Mandolin-Jigs vs. Tarantellas all inst: Ireland vs. Italy, who will win the battle for the soul of 6/8 dance tunes?

Mandolin-Right-hand pick patterns mandolin: different time signatures and picking patterns

Ken Thomas

Bass Basics: theory to solos

Tony Watt

Singing-Introduction to Harmony Singing All-Introduction to Ear Training
All-The Three Most Important Practice Techniques Ever All-Introduction to Improvising