Mandolin Camp North Classes for 2015

Below is a selection of classes slated to run this year.

Please note: classes are subject to change at any time between now and camp.

Alan Bibey M
Alan Bibey
Playing in B (I)

Closed Position Licks (I-A)

Fiddle Tunes on Mandolin (AB-I)

Transposing Licks You Already Know (I-A)

Mike Compton M
Mike Compton
Transitional Bluegrass Solos from the 40’s (A)

The Music of Narmour and Smith (I-A)

Black String Band Grooves for Backing Vocals

Mandolin Duets (with Skip Gorman) (I-A)

Rich DelGrosso M
Rich DelGrosso
Mandolin Rags (I-A)

Chicago Mandolin: The Music of Johnny Young (I-A)

Mudsteppers, Black Snakes and Sheiks (I-A)

Blues Mandolin 101 (B)

Sharon Gilchrist M
Sharon Gilchrist
Right Hand Technique Practice Session (AB-I)

Mandolin Capo: Session 1 — How it Works (I)

Mandolin Capo: Session 2 — Putting it to Use (I-A)

Improvisation (I-A)

Skip Gorman M
Skip Gorman
Sweet Bluegrass Waltzes (All)

Fills, Cliches and Riffs Behind Vocals (AB-I)

Mandolin in the Cow Camp (All)

Mandolin Duets (with Mike Compton) (I-A)

Lorraine Hammond M
Lorraine Hammond
Beginner’s Track — Novices

Carl Jones M
Carl Jones
Mandomazing: Old Time Mandolin Tunes and Tips (I)

Making Up Tunes (with Erynn Marshall) (All)

Guitar Back-up for Songs and Tunes (I)

Rhythm and Repertoire (with Erynn Marshall) (All)

On the Trail of a Song (All)

Alan Kaufman M
Alan Kaufman
Beginner’s Track — Beginners

Laurie Lewis M
Laurie Lewis
The Art of the Duet (with Tom Rozum) (All)

Wise Fiddling: The Playing of Chubby Wise (I-A)

Songwriting (with Paul Howard) (All)

Trio Singing (with Tom Rozum) (All)

Getting the Most out of a Song

Erynn Marshall M
Erynn Marshall
Mountain Fiddle Tunings (I-A)

Making Up Tunes (with Carl Jones) (All)

Southern Old Time Fiddle Workshop (I)

Rhythm and Repertoire (with Carl Jones) (All)

Mike Munford M
Mike Munford
Flange/No Flange: Where Bluegrass and Old Time Banjo Meet Head-On

(with Marc Horowitz and Mike Kropp) (All)

Bluegrass Banjo Masterclass

Laura Orshaw M
Laura Orshaw
Intermediate Fiddle (I)

John Rossbach M
John Rossbach
Remedial Rhythm Redemption Session 1 (All)

Remedial Rhythm Redemption Session 2 (All)

Bluegrass Vocal Harmony: Finding the Buzz

(with Susanne Salem-Schatz and Martin Grosswendt) (All)

String Band Etiquette (All)

Tom Rozum M
Tom Rozum
My Visual Way of Getting around the Fret Board (All)

Finding Chords Using Four Basic Shapes (AB-I)

Trio Singing (with Laurie Lewis) (All)

The Art of the Duet (with Laurie Lewis) (All)

Frank Solivan M
Frank Solivan
The 4 T’s: Technique, Tone, Timing and Tempo (A)

The Chop (I-A)

Two-Finger Chord Roadmap (I)

Frankie and Donnie Look at the Whole Improv Thing (with Don Stiernberg) (All)

Don Stiernberg M
Don Stiernberg
Advancing Beginners: Off to a Good Start (AB)

Chord Melody Playing and Arranging (A)

Swing Repertoire (I)

Frankie and Donnie Look at the Whole Improv Thing (with Frank Solivan) (All)

David Surette M
David Surette
Open Chord Strumming (AB)

Triplets and Ornamentation for Irish Tunes (A)

Beatles Songs for Mandolin (I)

Exploring Modes (A)

August Watters M
August Watters
Ragtime/Classic Ensemble (I-A)
Ear Training for Improvisers (I-A)

Roland White M
Roland White
Ditch the Bluegrass Grip: Kinder Chords that Play Nicely Together (I)

The Heart of Bluegrass Mandolin: Repertoire and Technique (AB-I)

Bill Monroe: Style and Story Time (All)

Saying Something: Creating Meaningful Solos (I-A)