2021 Jam Camp North Registration information

Jam Camp North registration information

Before you register please read this important information. We’ve tried to make this a comprehensive page that tells you everything about your registration options and other information for having a great time at camp.

After you’ve read the information below, click here to register.


Jam Camp North will be held September 24-26, 2021, at our regular location, Prindle Pond Conference Center in Charlton, Mass. For directions and other travel info visit this page.


Tuition: For options that include classes, tuition is included in the room and board prices below.

If your first choice of room is sold out: The number of single rooms is limited and they sell out quickly — often on the first day of registration. If your first registration choice is sold out, please contact us to be put on a waiting list. If you have a second choice, you may register for that choice and if your first choice opens up we will change your registration and adjust your credit card balance.

Single room, six meals

Hilltop, private bath$560
Pondside, private bath$525
Pondside, shared bath down the hall$515

Shared room, six meals

Hilltop, private bath$435
Pondside, shared bath down the hall$385

Commuter / RV, six meals

  • $335

Car and RV parking are marked on the Prindle Pond campus map. There are no hookups for RVs. RVers are welcome to use the facilities in Sage Hall, the cafeteria, and the Lodge and Center dormitories. The bathrooms in Lodge and Center are gender-specific and have showers.

If you plan to commute but want to stay closer to camp, Southbridge Hotel has a number of rooms at a camp-discount rate of $129 per night, plus tax and fees.

Single day

  • Friday, classes, dinner, jam sessions, $100
  • Saturday, classes, three meals,jam sessions, $150
  • Sunday, classes, breakfast and lunch, $80


The easiest way to register is with a credit or debit card online.

You may also register online and pay by check. When you reach the billing portion of the registration form, choose ‘Check’ as your payment method and mail a check for the appropriate amount to

Music Camps North
PO Box 674
Putney VT 05346

If you do not want to register online, call us and we will be glad to help you register. Our contact information is here.

Deposits: For some registration options, when you register you may choose to pay a $100 deposit rather than the entire balance. If you pay a deposit when you register the remaining balance will be charged on August 31, 2021 (changed from July 31). The balance will be charged to the same card you used to pay the deposit. After August 31 you must pay in full.


Contact us if you need to cancel your registration. The amount we refund depends on when you cancel. Here are the important dates:

Through August 31, 2021full refund
September 1 to September 10, 2021full refund less $100 cancellation fee
September 11 or laterno refund


If you will be under 18 years of age at camp and would like to attend, please contact us before you register.


Pets are not allowed. For questions about service animals, contact us.


Our camps are held on the two campuses of Prindle Pond Conference Center — ‘Hilltop’ and ‘Pondside.’

Prindle Pond Conference Center does not provide blankets, sheets, pillows, or towels. You must provide your own.

Should I Choose Hilltop Campus or Pondside Campus?

The two campuses are about a quarter of a mile apart, joined by an unpaved path on which you may walk or drive. If you have a mobility issue, a van will be available to drive you back and forth. Both campuses provide housing that is comfortable but not fancy. All dorms are “quiet dorms” — no jamming allowed after 11 p.m. Registration, meals, and concerts are all held on the Hilltop campus. Classes and evening jams are split between the campuses.

Pondside is the older campus, with dorms that are more rustic, and are priced lower than the Hilltop dorms. The dorms on Pondside have mostly double rooms with a shared bath down the hall. They also have a combined total of six single rooms with private (en suite) bath, which are priced at a premium and typically sell out quickly.

Hilltop is the newer, more modern campus with two dorms that have mostly double rooms, and also have a combined total of 6 single rooms. Every dorm room on Hilltop — doubles as well as singles — has a private (en suite) bath, which is priced at a premium and typically sells out quickly. The dining hall building does not have dorm rooms, and the 4 classrooms in the dining hall building are available for all-night jamming. All meals and the two faculty concerts take place on the Hilltop campus.