Skill Levels

Campers are welcome to attend any class at any level; there are no restrictions on your choices.

However, to help you select the classes that best meet your needs, the level of each class is indicated in the Description of Classes. At the very beginning of Camp — on Friday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm in Sage Hall — you may meet with a faculty member for “find your level” advice.

Here’s a description of each skill level. Please, keep in mind that there is overlap between levels.

Novices (N) are absolute beginners who are just starting out. They may have only recently acquired an instrument, don’t know how to tune and have yet to learn basic techniques.

Beginners (B) are able to tune and have learned a few basic techniques. They may be able to play a little bit and know a few songs but still don’t pick out tunes on their own or have much experience playing with other people.

Advancing Beginners (AB) have some basic experience on the instrument. They have some command of fundamental techniques and are comfortable tuning. They can play a number of tunes and may even have started jamming with other musicians.

Intermediates (I) are comfortable with tuning, can play songs and tunes, recognize changes, and are jamming and playing with others on a regular basis. They may feel that they are not yet playing up to speed and that they may still need to work on their rhythm. They may already read tab or notation, but could use help playing by ear and learning to arrange a tune or song on their own.

Advanced (A) players have command of more advanced techniques, play a variety of tunes up to speed and may play in a band or perform regularly.

(All) indicates a hands-on class for campers of any level of skill.

(Demo) indicates a mini-concert, lecture, or demonstration where participation is minimal at most.