Don Julin
Don Julin

Don Julin, author of the best selling “Mandolin For Dummies” has developed a reputation for being one of the most eclectic mandolin players/teachers on the scene today. Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Don has been playing, teaching, and writing music with the mandolin for over 35 years.
Julin’s original compositions have been used on many network and cable television programs. Recent clients include Sony Classics, HBO, VH1, MTV, NBC, Showtime, Bravo, National Geographic Explorer, Fox Sports, and many more.
His workshops, classes, or private lessons feature a hands-on approach focusing on developing good left- and right-hand skills, along with a dose of ear training and music theory. Don spends much of his time teaching at mandolin camps around America and running the online mandolin school Mandolins Heal The World.