Let’s Pick!

After a long hiatus our regular spring camps are back and they’re coming up fast! Registration for both camps will begin Wednesday, December 1, at 7 p.m. EST. At that time click the ‘Register’ menu and read ‘Registration Information.’ Then click ‘Register’ in the same menu and complete your registration form(s). You can register more than one person at a time.

This year at Mandolin Camp North in addition to mandolin we’ll also have classes in fiddle and guitar, and at Banjo Camp North we’ll have classes in clawhammer/oldtime banjo, 3-finger/Scruggs style banjo, and fiddle.

Here’s a look at our faculty to date, with more to be added.

Mandolin Camp North, April 22-24, 2022

Don Steirnberg, Joe K Walsh, Alan Bibey, Carl Jones, Frank Solivan, Matt Flinner, Tristan Scroggins, Skip Gorman, Jim Richter, Annie Staninec, John Kael, Maddie Witler, Richie Brown, Ben Pearce, Erynn Marshall, David Surrette, Tony Watt, Moriah Ozberkmen, Eli Gilbert, Lincoln Meyers, Louise Bichan, Lorraine Hammond, Bennett Hammond, Claudine Langille, Jane Rothfield, Allan Carr, Dick Bowden, Dave Dillon, Susie Burke, Marshall Racowsky, Bruce Stockwell, Larry Marschall, Pete Kelly, Ken Thomas, Glenn Nelson

20th Anniversary Banjo Camp North, May 13-15, 2022

Tony Trischka, Bruce Molsky, Janet Davis, Alan Munde, Adam Hurt, Greg Liszt, Chris Coole, Tim Rowell, John Showman, Jane Rothfield, Joe Newberry, Michael Miles, John Herrmann, Grace Van’t Hof, Lorraine Hammond, Bennett Hammond, Maggie Shar, Craig Edwards, Gabe Hirshfeld, Rich Stillman, Sara Grey, Eli Gilbert, Bruce Stockwell, Gretchen Bowder, Dave Kiphuth, Howie Bursen, Dick Bowden, Larry Marschall, Pete Kelly, Lincoln Meyers,Skip Gorman, Ben Pearce, Beth Williams Hartness, Allan Carr, Tony Watt, Bobbi Bowden

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