Jake Schepps
Three-finger banjo

An uncommon musician, banjoist, and composer, Jake Schepps creates music for the traditional American string band that is anything but traditional. As a bandleader with the Jake Schepps Quintet, the Expedition Quartet, and now Round Window, he performs around the world, and has been featured at NPR’s Tiny Desk, Colorado Public Radio, eTown, and WNYC. Jake also has a love for teaching music, bringing a skilled and conscientious style to NimbleFingers, Berklee College of Music, Steve Kaufman Acoustic Kamp, University of Northern Colorado, and producing an instructional DVD. After many years of interviewing some of the world's greatest banjo players for Banjo Newsletter, and attending workshops in a spectrum of musical styles (the Banff Centre’s Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, Valley of the Moon Fiddling Camp, the Centrum’s Choro Workshop, and Silk Road Ensemble’s Global Musician Workshop), this breadth of musical experiences have worked their way into Jake’s teaching curriculum and his open-minded approach to music.