Jane Rothfield

Janie Rothfield (from Virginia, USA) is an internationally known old time traditional fiddler, clawhammer banjo player, singer, tune composer, dance musician, band leader and teacher who has been playing traditional music since her teens! Her music has deep connections to the old fiddling styles from New England and the American South and from experience with the older musicians she played with early on in her career and other contemporary old time musicians from around the USA. She is known for her award winning (9th place at Galax out of 150 Fiddlers!) and authentic fiddle style as well as her creativity with old time music, bringing it into the present without losing the past! Janie has fans from around the world for her lively, spirited and soulful playing and singing and she has performed throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe and Australia! She plays from her heart and musical soul with great technique and expression and a whole lot of fun! Janie is in demand as a teacher for fiddle, clawhammer banjo and guitar and has taught throughout the US at camps, festivals and workshops as well as throughout Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy), the UK and Australia! Since 2013 Janie has run numerous weekend camps called Janie’s Jumpstart. Her teaching using a combination of musicality, rhythm and technique to transform her students playing! Janie performs as a solo artist and in duo, trio and quartet configurations including Hen's Teeth (with cellist Nathan Bontrager), Little Missy (with daughter Shona Carr), Janie Rothfield Old Time Trio (with Kellie Allen and Pete Peterson), with Scottish singer/guitarist (and husband) Allan Carr, contradance band Coracree and The Idumea Quartet (progressive old time music with string quartet instrumentation).