Announcing our 2017 Faculty . . .

Guitar & Mandolin Camp North:  4/7/17-4/9/17

  • New This Year: Dobro classes, taught by Grammy winning  Stacy Phillips and by Jim Heffernan

  • Faculty also features Mike Compton, Don Stiernberg, Lorraine Hammond, Rich DelGrosso, David Surette, Dick Bowden, Chris Brashear, Susie Burke, Skip Gorman, Bennett Hammond, Paul Howard, Lincoln Meyers, Glenn Nelson, Laura Orshaw, Ben Pearce, Neil Rossi, Bruce Stockwell, Kelly Stockwell, Tony Watt, and more to come.

Banjo Camp North:  5/19/17-5/21/17

  • New This Year: Fiddle classes, taught by Laura Orshaw and Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, among others.

  • Faculty also features Tony Trischka, Alan Munde, Tom Adams, Allison deGroot, Cathy Fink, Adam Hurt, John Herrmann, Catherine (“BB”) Bowness, Michael Miles, Marcy Marxer, Bob Altschuler, Dick Bowden, Howie Bursen, Ron Cody, Wendy Cody, Beth Hartness, Lorraine Hammond, Bennett Hammond, Pete Kelly, Dave Kiphuth, Larry Marschall, Evan Murphy, Glenn Nelson, Ben Pearce, Tim Rowell, Nate Sabat, Rich Stillman, Bruce Stockwell, Kelly Stockwell, Tony Watt, and more to come.

Our website is now being revised for the 2017 Camps.

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Welcome to Music Camps North!

We have two music camps primarily for adults:

Guitar & Mandolin Camp North 2016
April 15-17, 2016

Banjo Camp North 2016
 May 13-15, 2016

Both camps take place at Prindle Pond Conference Center, Charlton, MA.

Contact us at:
Phone: 203-362-8807

Founded by Mike Holmes, 2001