Dave Kiphuth

Dave Kiphuth began playing banjo and guitar in 1962, deeply involved in the New Haven bluegrass and folk scene. By 1963, he was playing with Billy Hamilton’s New Haven based band The Ohio River Boys and later helped found the seminal CT group Apple Country. After moving to Saratoga Springs NY, he had a seven-year stretch with John Rossbach’s Chestnut Grove, and was a member of Bluegrass Union with Phil Rosenthal, Phil Zimmerman, Stacy Philips and Beth Sommers. Equally influenced by hard line Bluegrass pioneers like Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley, and the greats of Round Peak clawhammer style, he formed the bluegrass/old time fusion band Red Hen with Jane Rothfield, Alan Carr and his late wife Linda Schrade. Dave is currently a core member of Cecil Abel’s New England Bluegrass Band, and bluegrass-synthesis band Bolt Hill, both based in the Maine/New Hampshire seacoast region. He’s also a professional artist/illustrator, happy in the woods of Eliot ME with his cat family.