Michael Daves

Michael Daves is a Georgia-bred, Brooklyn-based bluegrass guitarist and singer who has made a name for himself as a performer through his work with Chris Thile, Tony Trischka, Bryan Sutton, Steve Martin, Rosanne Cash and others.  He shares a Grammy nomination with Thile for their 2011 Nonesuch Records release Sleep With One Eye Open and in 2016 released the critically acclaimed bluegrass/electric double album Orchids and Violence, also on Nonesuch. Daves is also devoted teacher with over twenty years of experience whose instructional style is aimed at helping students develop and refine their own natural musical sensibilities while exploring a wealth of American roots traditions, particularly bluegrass.  In 2016 he launched an online school in bluegrass vocals on ArtistWorks.com where he helps students around the world learn the intricacies bluegrass singing style as well as harmony singing and ear training.